Certificate in Home Health Assistance (CHHA)

  • Certificate in Home Health Assistance (CHHA)

  • Minimum Duration : 6 Months
  • Maximum Duration : 2 Years
  • Course Fee : Rs 6,000
  • Minimum Age : No bar
  • Maximum Age : No bar
  • Eligibility : 12th Pass

Programme Overview

A Home Health Assistant (HHA) can be defined as a trained and certified health-care worker who provides assistance to a patient in the home with personal care (as hygiene and exercise) and one who monitors the patient’s condition.

The Home Health Assistance (HHA) is a short duration skill based training program, with an objective to develop a pool of trained workforce who can be employed to provide patient support and assist other health care providers in home settings. This program focuses on the acquisition of skills necessary to provide support by undertaking non-clinical tasks or the activities that have been prescribed for the patient by the healthcare team members.


The program aims at making a student competent to perform the following skills:

  • Demonstrate Skills of general hygiene and grooming, bathing procedures and guidelines, mouth, Eye, Ear, Skin, hair, nail and foot care.
  • Demonstrate Skills of feeding the patient, taking care of elimination needs and procedures.
  • Demonstrate skills to enable geriatric/paralytic/immobile patient to cope with changes to their health and environment including preventing risk of falls.
  • Demonstrate Basic Life Support, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and other actions in the event of medical and facility emergencies.
  • Practice infection control measures, promote safety, list usage of protective devices and right methods of bio medical waste management at home level.


Course code Course Name Credits
BHT- 016 Basic Home Health Assistance 4
BHT- 017 Applied Home Health Assistance 2
BHTL-018 Skills for Home Assistance 12
Program Guide

Related Information

With the increase in non-communicable diseases, critically ill patients and accidental cases there is greater evidence of requirement of home based assistance. Many home health assistants also work in assisted living facilities, which provide independent living in a homelike group environment, with professional care available as needed.